Corporate Accounts

We are now STS Certified by MNDOT

Corporate accounts are offered to companies and/or individuals interested in direct billing their transportation. To open a corporate account please call 651-642-9292. After completing an application you will be assigned an account number. When ordering a taxi you give your account number and then set up your ride. The ride will be charged to your account. Your account will be direct billed once a month.

Automated Taxi Service

Great for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels.

If your business frequently needs taxi service for yourself or your customers, an automated taxi service can simplify your day. With Automated Taxi Services you can order taxi service for your clients or yourself. You are assigned a code and a location number. With one quick call a taxi is immediately dispatched to you..

  • No hassles.
  • No hold time.
  • Easy. Fast. Reliable.
  • Totally automated you control the call


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